International Food Skills Acquisition Training

International food skills training to youth and women to increase entrepreneurial job opportunities using Africa’s post-harvest agricultural food resources.


Healthy Choice MPCS creates educational programs to help maximize the economic value of post-harvest agricultural food products in Africa. Our mission is to provide training on the many ways to use Africa’s existing food resources for sustainable business, trade and export instead of growing more food, which left unharvested, goes to waste.  We have found that a wealth of untapped post-harvest agricultural products in countries as varied as Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon lay fallow while youth struggle to find employment opportunities for several reasons. One: Most people do not know anything about the agricultural products of their country besides the foods used by their specific tribe; this limits an individual’s ability to be involved in the sales and processing of a variety of food resources already grown in their country. Two: Many contemplating a career in post-harvest agricultural food production and export lack information on the use of their country’s foods abroad, making it impossible for most to participate in international agricultural trade other than offering a few raw/unrefined goods.

Three: While the market in many African countries has developed a taste for international foods and demand for foreign style restaurants grow because of the variety offered in their menus, many would-be entrepreneurs are locked out of the new breed restaurant market because of a lack of education on the availability of many seemingly-foreign food ingredients already grown in their country under local names.  Through a series of training workshops, mass education programs and lectures Healthy Choice MPCS is providing youth with much needed training in the use of post-harvest agricultural food products for sustainable business, export, and economic self-sufficiency.

Fish, seafood one of many food resources Healthy Choice MPCS uses to job training opportunities.

Utilizing foods from Africa as tools for job creation.


Consumers want choice. With an increase in income from middle and upper class consumers in developing countries around the world, including in Africa, customers are demanding variety and highly nutritious food options. Healthy Choice MPCS works with local food producers to give selective consumers information on top-of-the-line, international standard food products that are locally produced and provide the variety these consumers seek in their food purchases. We’re working with partners to create a healthier, more sustainable and economically friendly local food supply with consumers who are educated on the health benefits and variety inherent in the choices at their local market.

Baked goods assembly line.

Wholesale food production program through Healthy Choice MPCS

Meet the Founder of Healthy Choice MPCS, a food innovator leading our mission to create entrepreneurial opportunities through Africa’s post-harvest agricultural food resources.

We Are A Community of Educators & Business Innovators-To participate in a training workshop, send us an email for information on upcoming classes. To have us speak and provide training for your organization, send us an email using this link.

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Learn about the history of our organization and our entrepreneurial food innovation Founder, here. Follow the Blog.

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