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Meet Our Founder, Christiana Ebisi Christiana Ebisi of Healthy Choice MPCS

  • “Our organization has been creating value in Africa’s marketplace since 2009 by developing entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for youth, women and farmers through training in the use of 400 of Nigeria and Africa’s agricultural products for international application. By bringing together practitioners, businesses, researchers and diplomats we are creating mass education programs in the international uses of our agricultural products to grow both SME’s and self employment opportunities for youth. Healthy Choice MPCS focuses attention on the economic and self employment potential in the growing food sector in Africa by giving Africans an opportunity to get a piece of the growing professional food market which upper class Africans patronize and which international markets consume. We have been exposing Africans to innovations in food processing, preparation and careers to help change the employment landscape for the better while better equipping the region to meet the demands and requirements of foreign markets. The more often foods grown in Africa are utilized for a continent based food industry, the more people in Africa can maximize the use of their food resources for economic gain.”
  • “As we continue to improve the economic landscape of Africa through use of food resources, I want to say that our work can only be done through the support of individuals like you who see the value of creating jobs in the food sector and support the organization’s work in this mission. I have devoted my career to the food industry, first by becoming a dietician and nutritionist at the University of Wisconsin, in the U.S.A., then by dedicating over 30 years to the American food, product development, and restaurant industry. My commitment to agriculture as the lifeblood of the world’s economy saw me assume the role of a U.S.A. trained Food and Agriculture Extension Services professional. My passion for world foods which I share as a cultural foods enthusiast who has expertise in Chinese, Italian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Mexican, Vegetarian, ECOWAS, and Pan-Nigerian cuisines, among others, has helped me use this know-how for business, hobby and entertaining and my experience as owner and operator of restaurants and catering businesses in Oregon and New York has driven my passion to bring the skills I have been fortunate to learn to others. As a retired operator of an American based African foods import company, which enabled me to introduce many traditional African foods to U.S.A, Canada, Caribbean and Europe, I know what it means to be an innovator in the food sector. In 1986 I was asked to head a United Nations sponsored African Foods Research program that took me to several countries across West and Central Africa to document Africa’s many foods. I know Africa’s food wealth and the economic potential for job creation in the food sector. Thank you for joining us in developing Africa’s food prospects.”
    • Sincerely,
    • Christiana Ebisi
    • Founder and President, Healthy Choice MPCS
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