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We’re helping local food producers better access the supply chain in their own markets with the healthy variety of foods they offer. Through public awareness campaigns with partners, Healthy Choice MPCS is working to increase visibility, knowledge and local purchases of currently underutilized and unknown foods that are locally grown within the borders in which they are grown. Innovative Food Training using Food ResourcesThis social venture promises to improve the health of communities by shining a light on the many proven nutritionally valuable local products while increasing economic opportunities for producers through increased sales to consumers who want to be educated on the many available healthy food options. Our mission is to help consumers empower themselves and local food producers in combating food harvest waste, eating healthier and educating themselves on the benefits of the many foods grown in African countries.International food skills acquisition and training.Healthy Choice MPCS food skills training



A global local food movement has taken off in communities across the United States, Europe, and South America, where conscious consumers demand more from their food purchases. Increasingly, food purchasers seek an alignment between the foods they buy, sustainable food practices that have a positive effect on the environment and healthy food options that are free of genetically modified ingredients as well as pesticides. A growing number of food purchasers seek to know the story behind their purchase; they want to know that it will keep them healthy, that it will not harm the environment and that the purveyor of the food product was paid fairly for it. As important, consumers seek variety and want food options they can add to their roster of food choices; Healthy Choice MPCS works to empower consumers with the benefits of a vast selection of locally grown food options, the purchase of which will economically empower local food producers. Our pilot program in West Africa is headed by our founder Christiana Ebisi. Christiana is a lifelong food industry leader who has brought African foods to the rest of the world through businesses promoting the manufacture and processing of the continent’s food resources to the empowerment of food entrepreneurs. Our organization operates with a team based in Nigeria and internationally. Together, we are creating local food solutions for consumers to improve the economy while helping them enjoy more variety in their food purchases. International Food Production skills for youth and women.


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